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23% of Local Property Tax returns yet to be made

Returns for around 23% of properties liable to the Local Property Tax (LPT) have not yet been made. Revenue received LPT returns for 1.5 million properties, representing 77% of the expected numbers.

A detailed breakdown shows that almost 32% of property owners valued their property at €0-€200,000. A further 22% declared their property is worth between €200,001 and €262,500.

20% submitted a valuation of between €262,501 and €350,000 for their property, while almost 11% said their property fell into the €350,001-€437,500 band.

€107m has already been paid for 2022.

Revenue continues to process some returns and has reassured property owners that they will be treated as having complied with their LPT obligations on time.

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